Latlng: (45.781105, -80.51274)

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Highway 69

Still River Truck Stop

Discovered by TWP
Created Aug 02 2009
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Category Commercial
City Highway 69, Ontario
Location # 773

The Still River Truck Stop was a combination gas bar, garage and restaurant.

The restaurant stools give the location a look that you might find in an old movie.

At the leftmost of the building you will find the garage containing old licence plates and assorted equipment.

Next is the restaurant where you(a)ll find plates sitting on the counter as if they were just placed there by the waitress.

There(a)s a Bell payphone in the main entrance which was never removed by the phone company. Next to the lobby is a living area with a large screen television set, couch, and magazines.

Another room contains a bedroom and dresser.

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I grew up on the other side of Hwy 69 at the OPP station, it was always called the Deerhorn back then. I knew three of the owners under that name: Fred & Margaret Henry; Fred & Shirley Stoerig; and Ernie Courvoisier (might have Ernie(a)s name spelled wrong). During the sixties and seventies, the Deerhorn was always jam-packed with trucks. It(a)s sad to see that it has been abandoned, but it was in a difficult spot to develop modern amenities, being squeezed between the highway and the railway tracks as it is.

Latlng: (45.781105, -80.51274)


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avatar of NGTOne
NGTOne Stopped by here over the 2016 Labour Day weekend. The main building is completely covered in new-ish boards, but the rest of the property is littered with interesting junk. The payphone's still there, as are the cool old mechanical gas pumps. There's also a number of abandoned cars and other similar stuff, including an old Bug. Apparently the locals like to dump their junk there now...
Sep 16 2016
avatar of DARKMAN
DARKMAN Still standing but boarded's actually right across from Location #2135, one of the GPS is incorrect
Aug 29 2013
avatar of kev7716
kev7716 I remember this place i use to go camping at a park just up the road called Grundy Lake.
Oct 04 2012
unknown user avatar
Unknown User As you can see some demolition has been undertaken but I'm not sure if it included the diner portion.
May 02 2012
avatar of Ian85
Ian85 As if the plates and cups are still on the counter!
May 02 2012
avatar of murderface
murderface Approximately when did this close?
May 02 2012
avatar of seebest
seebest awesome location. Just got back from a road trip but I might have to take off again
Jun 23 2011