Latlng: (45.71694, -80.471388)

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Highway 69

Orphan Annies Truck Stop

Discovered by TWP
Created Nov 09 2010
Recent status Abandoned
Category Commercial
City Highway 69, Ontario
Location # 2135

This truck stop reportedly changed location four times in an attempt to lure truckers and motorists.

Today it is slowly being reclaimed by the earth.

Latlng: (45.71694, -80.471388)


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avatar of NGTOne
NGTOne I was here over the 2016 Labour Day weekend, and can confirm there's not much left. The second building has totally collapsed into the swamp (it's to the right of the garage), and the roof has completely caved in and blocked the front door. There's also no trace left, as far as I could tell from the outside, of what this place used to be called. A sad end...
Sep 16 2016
avatar of DARKMAN
DARKMAN roof has totally collapsed, I think it's sinking into the swamp.
Aug 25 2013
avatar of haweater
haweater I wonder if there is any money left in the safe??
Oct 30 2011