Latlng: (45.837859, -80.557040)

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Motel Longbranch

Highway 69, Ontario

Location Owner TWP
Creation Date Jul 16 2009
Status Unknown
Category Motel/Hotel
Location Highway 69, Ontario
Site number #762

It had closed in the late 1990(a)s and saw a brief revival in the early 2000(a)s when it was reopened for approximately one year. Today it sits abandoned along the highway. Water has made its way into the building, creating unsafe mold growth from the ceiling and soggy flooring in the hallway. There is potential for someone to fall through the hallway floor if they are not careful. A few chairs, bedding, a lamp, and a television remain. Remarkably this place is untouched by vandals, possibly due to the OPP police station just down the road. Please leave this place as you found it.

Latlng: (45.837859, -80.557040)


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unknown user avatar
Unknown User Does anyone know why it wasn''t sold and or turned into something else instead of letting it rot?
Jul 10 2020
avatar of icrynoodles
icrynoodles Passed this location on the way back from a trip. Wasn't dressed to properly (considering i was in a dress & flip flops..not the best exploring gear) but i knew i had to stop to check it out anyways. this motel is badly deteriorating. Didn't want to risk going inside.
Oct 07 2018
avatar of NGTOne
NGTOne Paid this place a visit over the Labour Day weekend - it's a fascinating explore, but watch the floors in the restaurant. A lot of them have caved in, and a good chunk of the rest are nearly there. Does anyone know why there's a random RV parked out front with a "for sale" sign? The satellite pictures of the area, while not great, clearly show that it's a recent addition.
Sep 10 2016
avatar of DogShapedBoy
DogShapedBoy Fascinating how much a place can deteriorate in less than 6 years.
Feb 08 2016
avatar of NikiFM
NikiFM Passed this on a roadtrip yesterday...and also tried to close a few doors...don't want it deteriorating any quicker than it has to :)
Sep 20 2012
avatar of axf905
axf905 this is the greatest gallery to literally watch a building decay over a 3 year period, awesome job everyone!
Aug 10 2012
avatar of TWP
TWP All the front doors are wide open where there used to be only one open door. This place is bound to be demolished in due time, it's disintegrating rapidly.
May 15 2012
avatar of rnagle
rnagle Stopped by this evening, sadly the property has deteriorated considerably since previous photos posted. Restaraunt building is especially fascinating, seems to have started as simple house/cottage (at south end) and been added on to numerous times.
Jan 05 2012