Latlng: (44.310553, -77.560687)

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Hastings County

2663 Hwy 14

Discovered by rcouper
Created Apr 15 2010
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Hastings County, Ontario
Location # 1409

"Demolished June 2013." -Jerm IX

Farm + Barn. Really bad shape & unsafe. Looks like someone is taking off the brick ~ before it falls in.

From miohmio's entry:

This beauty is set back from the road quite a way, but had immediately caught my eye the first time I passed by. I am still searching for info on it, but what little I've found thus far says a family by the name of Thompson owned it in the early 80's and rented it out while they (the Thompson's) worked the farmland the house sits on. A family by the name of Turriff rented it and resided in it from 1981 to 1998. Apparently the house has been vacant since '98. I am amazed so much of it remains standing. It is definitely not safe to venture too far into this structure.

Latlng: (44.310553, -77.560687)


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avatar of miohmio
miohmio It definitely wasn't a safe or sturdy structure, so I can understand the owner destroying it.
May 17 2014
avatar of miohmio
miohmio I visited this beauty one month after it's demolition. The site was very sad for me. Although I didn't have much time viewing and photographing this house, it had some curious draw for me. I would go by it frequently and wonder about the occupants and what it was like walking down that long, lonely driveway in the winter time to catch the bus for school! I miss it. It definitely wasn't a s
May 17 2014
avatar of miohmio
miohmio Oh...makes sense...let me help you out on that and find the shots I took! I'll post them hopefully later tonight. They're on my old computer...which is slower than a dead dinosaur stuck in a vat of frozen molasses....
May 17 2014
avatar of f.o.s.
f.o.s. Probably not miohmio but generally whoever finds it in that state posts some pics of it demo'd first so we know for sure. It's happened before where someone thought a place was gone but they actually went to the wrong spot or it never happened is generally a good rule of thumb.
May 10 2014
avatar of miohmio
miohmio Does this need to remain fm status if it is demo'd and just a pile of rubble now?
May 09 2014