Night expedition

User LivingGhost
Date Oct 12 2015
Recent status Demolished
Category Commercial
City Hamilton, Ontario
Location # 5581
Night expedition - The-Plainsman-Restaurant74.jpg
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Old bakery sign on door, very neat.

Night expedition - The-Plainsman-Restaurant78.jpg
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One of the main bathrooms, left to rot.

Night expedition - The-Plainsman-Restaurant79.jpg
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A small closet.

Night expedition - The-Plainsman-Restaurant82.jpg
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One of the grossest rooms in the house, held a bunch of old restaurant records and paperwork.

Night expedition - The-Plainsman-Restaurant84.jpg
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a dish-washing and laundry area, the machines looked ancient.

Night expedition - The-Plainsman-Restaurant86.jpg
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one of the washrooms.

Night expedition - The-Plainsman-Restaurant87.jpg
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down we go..

Night expedition - The-Plainsman-Restaurant88.jpg
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One of the rooms on the bottom floor, completely gutted.

Night expedition - The-Plainsman-Restaurant175.jpg
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Who wants to go to the bathroom?