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The Foundation Of Skateboarding


Discovered by ishootthings
Created Nov 08 2020
Recent status Abandoned
Category Foundations
City Hamilton, Ontario
Location # 16846
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Social media. The reason no one can have anything nice (and myself). Credit where credit is due as this was brought to my attention by Pikaswed420, only a few days before I was planning to go on a rampage (really what it turned into with the expediance of running thru what we did), with DAExplores (formerly princessninja), in The Big Dirty Hammer. So with the vague but accurate enough description of a "skatepark in the middle of the woods" from the post, I was able to find the spot in about 2 mins.

The Bruce trail has all kinds of wonders along it, and this is no different. As the blog post that I read speculated, the skatepark was homemade, as was evident by the concrete + tarp feel and look similar to screaming heads. It was in fact the foundation of a house, wich is why I classed it under "Foundations". This is inventive. The front stairs were there. The look of it was there. There isnt much too it, but its a neat spot. The few pwople who were there asked if we found it on the internet too, "Yea" I replied. I didnt ask them but the way he asked us, DAExplores believes he too, pulled it from the internet.

Warnings of protective skaters and the "skate spot being doomed", were all over the original Reddit post. So, round it goes and Social media, is the reason you cant have nice things, for TOO LONG at least. If exploration has taught me a few things, that last point is for sure one of them.

Latlng: (43.300917, -79.922833)


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