Stinson School

Discovered by crada
Created Jul 28 2011
Recent status Repurposed
Category Educational
City Hamilton, Ontario
Location # 2995

In 2009, we had the opportunity to explore Stinson School, an unaltered 19th Century School in Hamilton. Here is a short article about the history of the school written by a historian and former teacher at the Stinson School: We went as part of the Haunted Hamilton "ghost hunt" group. Although we weren(a)t interested in hunting ghosts, it was a wonderful way to explore every inch (and I mean EVERY inch!) of the school - in the dark. The great thing was that even though there were quite a few people on the tour, my exploring partner and I were completely alone most of the time. The school opened in May 1895 and closed in March of 2009, but it(a)s very nice to see that the building is being preserved. It was the last time the school was being seen and photographed as a school, as shortly after it was converted into lofts. Interestingly enough, the property was purchased by a man named Harry Stinson (who told us he had no relation to the actual school(a)s namesake). Here is an article about it: Here is a little tidbit from the Haunted Hamilton tour for the paranormal enthusiasts: "They say footsteps can still be heard within the walls of Stinson School and a gentle breeze can pass by you when there are no windows open in the entire building. Tiny voices can be heard whispering in your ear or a short tug on your clothing can be felt. But to experience the most eerie of places in the building, you have to travel the long, narrow staircase up to the large barn-style attic in the school. It is here where the spirits still linger. For over 100 years, kids attending the Stinson School would not dare venture into this attic, for fear that they might awaken the ghosts that live within!" Well, we did venture into the attic that hot summer night, but the only footsteps and voices we heard were our own. :)


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Nomad Complete conversion still not completed and loft sales are at 75. Brand new windows, ordered from England, are expected within the next few weeks with installation occurring soon after. Once the windows are installed, they will be holding an open house. Will post again once I get the exact date.
Mar 16 2013
avatar of maureen e.
maureen e. What an amazing opportunity to see and photograph this school. Some very beautiful ellements in the building. They certainly knew how to build character into the buildings then.
Mar 11 2013
avatar of wyrmnacht
wyrmnacht I went here in the mid 90's. Plenty of stories went around about the place but I never had any significant experiences to suggest anything paranormal. I do remember, as one other mentioned, asking about the attic. The only answer I got was "we don't go up there."
Dec 28 2012
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thespectralreview @ SaintSi1999: Pic #16 is the attic in the Stinson School.
Jul 29 2012
avatar of SaintSi1999
SaintSi1999 Picture 16 by crada, what is that room??? Is that where they stored the bad kids? ;)
May 23 2012
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driverv fun fact - this place was in the film silent hill
May 02 2012
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Unknown User
Mar 18 2012
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that-girl any update on this building????
Jan 02 2012
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crada The loft project began around 2009, so I am not sure what the current state is as I haven't been back. From what I can tell on their Website, they are scheduling occupant move-ins this year so while the structure looks very much preserved from the outside, I think it's quite different on the inside now:
Jul 28 2011
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smashtvcanada Has this place already been converted to loft apartments? Or is it still accessible to film? Eitherway..great find! Amazing pictures!!
Jul 28 2011