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Sherwood Centre

Discovered by TWP
Created Aug 20 2018
Recent status Repurposed
Category Commercial
City Hamilton, Ontario
Location # 15535

A pristine bowling that closed last month.

Trivia: On our visit we triggered the alarm. I went back about ten minutes later, determined to get photos.

On the second visit the doors were locked. A man in a Jeep saw us and drove over. He asked what we were doing, and I explained just looking for take photos. After talking to us, he drove up to the doors and yanked hard on them - they opened. He then yelled to us to go on inside. Awesome!!! We explored all areas of this place.

On a third visit, a man showed up with a drill to secure the POE, while one of our well known members was still inside :)

Electricity is working, even some cold beer in the bar fridge.

Latlng: (43.226089, -79.830578)


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Motleykiwi Anyone hoping to visit this bowling alley will be extremely disappointed, it''s over. The building has now been repurposed to a grocery store which will be opening very soon. We also witnessed another bowling alley in the area being gutted, they are being wiped out...

Jan 22 2020