Latlng: (43.162337, -79.946952)

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No Hope In Renforth

Hamilton, Ontario

Location Owner timo explorer
Creation Date Aug 01 2012
Status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
Location Hamilton, Ontario
Site number #5143

Abandoned farmhouse and buildings. Farm fields are still worked, but the house and buildings are long abandoned. First scouted out this place a few months ago, but was unable to investigate at the time. Now I came back ready to roll and the house is freshly boarded up, no interior access at this time, darn. Hoping that other local explorers can keep an eye on it, waiting for a POE and post some interior photographs.

Latlng: (43.162337, -79.946952)


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avatar of Motleykiwi
Motleykiwi This may be demolished now as I didn't see it as we drove by. Unless of course it was hidden within all those trees, as we didn't pull in.
Jan 23 2016
avatar of trailblazer519
trailblazer519 No Way!! George Chuvalo lived here?! cOOoL... i was in Chuvalo's house!
Feb 26 2013
avatar of superss
superss That would be the one & only George Chuvalo.
Feb 26 2013
avatar of senorchang
senorchang Someone's come along and given us an new POE for this house. There appears to be a squatter that's taken up residence here, so i'm guessing it was them. We talked to the owner of the house across the street, and he told us that this property once belonged to a famous boxer, 'Starvos' or something like that-although i can't find anything online to back up that claim.
Feb 24 2013
avatar of QuintonThomas
QuintonThomas This house was amazing to go in when there was a POE. Too bad they've managed to board up all the abandoned houses on this street. They've demolished one, so I'm sure this one will go soon. It's sad.
Aug 09 2012
avatar of punchbowl
punchbowl Great pictures!! - another walk down memory lane!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 02 2012