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James Baptist Church


Discovered by lowkeyimagedesign
Created Jul 21 2014
Recent status Repurposed
Category Church
City Hamilton, Ontario
Location # 10769

James Baptist was designed by Joseph Connolly and built between 1878 and 1882. Connolly trained under architect James Joseph McCarthy, regarded as the "Irish Pugin" because he embraced the principles of church architecture laid down by the famed Gothic architect Augustus Welby Pugin.

James Street Baptist was the only non-Catholic church Connolly designed. One motivation for its impressive design was a friendly competition with St. Paul's Presbyterian Church on the other side of Jackson, which had set the bar high for architectural distinction.

80% demolished for new condos. I was watching this place for a while, I cannot find my exterior photos of this place but there are plenty if you search the internet and I know other members have some photos of this historical location hopefully they can add them

Latlng: (43.254275, -79.870344)


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mobileworks The developer conned the City or the City turned a blind eye.The City issued a building "minor alteration" permit, not a demolition permit and that works out to 80%? The City would have had to see the plans, NO?The developer kept calling this a restoration in the article. What purpose was making this a heritage building?

Jul 24 2014

glueguy I'm all for preserving old churches. I'm against tearing down any building that is of historic or architectural significance. I believe there should be legislation that automatically protects them. The difficulty with that thinking is structures that have a large open space inside (like a church) have limited secondary use. Although I'm sad to see it go I'm happy the facade survives.

Jul 23 2014

mobileworks good I, those pictures are hard to look at. Idiots. I saw the church on street view still. I couldn't see anything wrong with it. It's not particle board it was stone and brick. I thought we had laws against this. Ridiculous that this is rubble now.

Jul 21 2014

Northof49 Too bad it has to be demolished it`s a beautiful building.

Jul 21 2014