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One Building

User ishootthings
Date Nov 17 2019
Recent status Abandoned
Category Hospital
City Hamilton, Ontario
Location # 1128
One Building - IMG_0384.jpg
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Out view 1.

One Building - IMG_0388.jpg
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Out view 2.

One Building - IMG_0389.jpg
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Out view 3.

One Building - IMG_0390.jpg
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Out view 4.

One Building - IMG_0391.jpg
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Rotting brick detail.

One Building - IMG_0392.jpg
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Out view 5.

One Building - IMG_0393.jpg
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Cool place. I cant imagine anything is good to breathe in.

One Building - IMG_0396.jpg
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Windows. Amazing not all the lights were hanging.

One Building - IMG_0400.jpg
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Smoke damage all around.