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Century Manor Insane Asylum
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Century Manor Insane Asylum - 2016

Album uploaded by LivingGhost

Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario

Abandoned location discovered by gator1 on Mar 04 2010

2016 - Century-Manor-Asylum377.jpg
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The chair was just found sitting there, facing the wall..

2016 - Century-Manor-Asylum202.jpg
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Lots of long hallways with rooms on either side. As to be expected in a Hospital type facility.

2016 - Century-Manor-Asylum223.jpg
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This lookout had a cool octagonal shape to it.

2016 - Century-Manor-Asylum205.jpg
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A closet sized room housing the facilities copper piping.

2016 - Century-Manor-Asylum199.jpg
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A cool arch supporting the roof, found on the 3rd floor.