Latlng: (43.210640, -80.199810)

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Bethel Church 1861 & Cemetery

Hamilton, Ontario

Location Owner mobileworks
Creation Date Jun 18 2012
Status Closed
Category Church
Location Hamilton, Ontario
Site number #4928

Wesleyan 1861 is what it reads above the front doors. The power is cut, and rolled up, but is in remarkable condition. Well, this building started out with no power. closed or abandoned. Basic member potass....sorbate found that the cemetery opened in 1844 and the land was owned and donated to the church, by Peter Weaver of Ancaster ON.

Latlng: (43.210640, -80.199810)


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avatar of senorchang
senorchang I asked a neighboring house, and they made it clear that the church was not abandoned and was in use. Judging by the property, I'd trust their statement-however they could have just been trying to ward off trespassers. Either way, there's no POE. Cemetery was interesting though.
Feb 24 2013
avatar of mobileworks
mobileworks @sonicpix the hydro power cable from the hydro pole is wrapped up in a huge pile of cable beside the front door,, a pretty good sign for an abandoned bldg. in my books, anyway, but probably recent. The cemetery has to be maintained.
Jun 28 2012
avatar of SuperSonic
SuperSonic This is in Hamilton. The dividing line between Hamilton and Brant is the centre line of the road. And I have driven by it many times. I don't think it's abandoned.
Jun 23 2012
unknown user avatar
Unknown User Hard to tell from the pictures but it appears to still have items inside. I've driven by this place a few times & was suspicious it was out of use but the grounds look well maintained so I never bothered.
Jun 20 2012
avatar of photocbear
photocbear what an amazing find!!!!! I always wanted to travel to Kazakhstan ;-)
Jun 19 2012
avatar of TEDandFATS
TEDandFATS I doubt that this location is actually in Kazakhstan. You may need to update the coodinates.
Jun 19 2012