Latlng: (43.238903, -79.882085)

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Auchmar Estate

Hamilton, Ontario

Location Owner willyrover
Creation Date Apr 05 2010
Status Historic Location
Category Mansion
Location Hamilton, Ontario
Site number #1353
Site Access Level Level 2

This property is currently vacant. It(a)s on the list of surplus property owned by the City of Hamilton. There is maintenance done periodically, but otherwise the building sits unused. More history can be found online. Here is one site: [Update by Skye_Ann] Auchmar is now owned by a non-profit charity organization, and will soon be undergoing work to make it safe for charity events and such. See my link(s) below for full history

Latlng: (43.238903, -79.882085)


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unknown user avatar
Unknown User Auchmar is going to be having an open house this weekend! 12-4. :)
May 02 2017
avatar of Motleykiwi
Motleykiwi Still no entry here and active cameras are up.
Jan 23 2016
avatar of superss
superss What an awesome 'house'. I'll have to visit this place one day.
May 13 2013
avatar of thespectralreview
thespectralreview What the heck is going on here? it says "Full member gallery", but MY pics are here. This is stupid if you ask me....I may as well just delete the pics.
Oct 09 2012
avatar of thespectralreview
thespectralreview They are trying to turn this place into a curator center. Donations are needed to restore this wonderful place.
Oct 09 2012
avatar of timekeeper
timekeeper Checked it out today and there was a guy inside tending to the place, he was in the church part. I opened the door...and there he was!! Luckily he was a nice guy! Looking back, I should have asked if I could come in and take pics....but he scared me because I didn't expect to see someone in there!
Aug 03 2012
avatar of doom vs
doom vs Vacant, but undergoing restoration with an eye on being a tourist spot. Like Dundurn.
Aug 03 2012
avatar of thespectralreview
thespectralreview @ riddimryder: This place is just vacant for now and yes, they usually do a "Doors Open" every year.
Aug 03 2012
avatar of Golson Moldon
Golson Moldon Governments should never be in the business of owning buildings. They have no idea how to maintain them.
May 17 2012
unknown user avatar
Unknown User So is this abandoned or just vacant & does a "Doors Open" once a year?
Feb 11 2012
avatar of photosbysarah
photosbysarah This weekend Auchmar was accessible for Open Doors Hamilton. I took a lot of photos. Will post soon.
May 08 2011
avatar of dripstick
dripstick Tried to visit site by vehicle on 04/10/11. Site now has a metal barrier at the entrance with a padlock.
Apr 10 2011