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Halton Hills

Barber Dynamo

Discovered by bigpaulsmall
Created Jun 26 2012
Recent status Abandoned
Category Foundations
City Halton Hills, Ontario
Location # 4974

 The Barber Dynamo was the first electrical generating plant to supply an industrial plant in North America.  Built in 1888, the Dynamo generated electricity from a dam across the Credit River. It also served as a home to the Alexander family. Two wires carried the power up to the Barber  Mill on River Road, 3 Km away. It served the industrial needs of John R. Barber until 1913, after which the Mill was served by Ontario Hydro.
 James Charles Alexander (1874-1954) was the employee at the Barber Mills given the task of running the Dynamo. He moved into the dynamo with his wife Maud (Claridge), his daughter Edith, his son-in-law Gerry King and two grandsons. His responsibilities included turning the power on and off, maintaining the machinery and being on hand at all times. Requests were telephoned from the Mill down to the Dynamo. The night operator of the Dynamo was William Snyder, who lived at the top of hill to the east of the Paper Mill. He walked to work along the railway tracks to the trestle about 3/4th of a mile upstream, climbed down into the ravine and followed a path along the river - doubtless the same path hikers use today.
 A spring flood of ice took out the Paper Mill dam in 1911, which crippled the Dynamo as well. After it became redundant in 1913, Alexander continued to live there as caretaker. Young Edith Alexander took to her bed here on Christmas Day, 1918 with the Spanish Influenza. She stayed in bed until Easter Sunday. His wife Maud died there of pneumonia on 31 March, 1923, in spite of the doctor traveling across the fields from the 10th Line to help her. Another tragedy occurred 6 weeks later when 2 year old Terry King, following his father to work, became lost and was discovered dead under the old iron bridge on 15 May, 1923.

The Dynamo was boarded up and abandoned after that. Charlie Alexander moved to a cottage on Hall Road in Georgetown. He later advertised for a wife and married Jessie Gertrude Bryant of London, England. This building is on the other side of the river and can only be reached by trekking through the woods for about a half an hour.

Latlng: (43.65707, -79.89443)


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unknown user avatar
Unknown User Saw multiple deer, toads, rabbits, and a beaver all on the same trip! Magical place, I can't wait to go back. Found a path on the way back of course! After I trekked through the field and forest for 40 minutes and lots of scratches later. Haha. So worth it.
Feb 18 2015
avatar of HudsonTL
HudsonTL I took a few shots with my 35mm. I'll scan and post them when I finish the roll.
Jun 21 2013
avatar of East Of Eden
East Of Eden If you park at the end of 10th line to enter BEWARE! You have to park on a public road, which is a dead end. Once you get out, you cross some tracks to reach the trail. The problem is, there is a crazy lady who calls the police on all cars at the end of the road. My first visit I saw an officer waiting for someone to return to their car. My second visit, a jogger told me there was a insane lady ye
Apr 29 2013
avatar of trailblazer519
trailblazer519 Nice galleries. Basically something from all seasons here now.
Feb 23 2013
avatar of smoofe
smoofe awsome place
Oct 27 2012
avatar of trailblazer519
trailblazer519 Went there today, quite the hike. enter on the east side of the bridge on River rd via the bruce trail side trail (blue blazes) keep your eyes on the blue blazes, many are barely visible, a couple of spots it's easy to lose your direction....beware poison ivy. Saw some deer, that's alway's nice :-) Thank's paul for the accurate map
Jul 09 2012
avatar of trailblazer519
trailblazer519 I've heard about this place just down the river from the old mill, just never seen it, pretty neat. Will have to check it out
Jul 03 2012
unknown user avatar
Unknown User Nice work BPS! I've been waiting for someone to post pics from here.
Jun 27 2012
avatar of ground state
ground state I get so attracted to historic, raised foundations like this, especially when they're buried in a forest. I'll hike for hours to reach a place like this. Thanks for nailing the location spot-on there on the map.
Jun 27 2012
avatar of timo explorer
timo explorer That is amazing, great find and write-up.
Jun 27 2012
avatar of kev7716
kev7716 Love the history of this place.
Jun 27 2012
avatar of clay70
clay70 love it---surprised no one found this before.
Jun 27 2012
avatar of canadavey
canadavey Great find! I never knew about this second treasure on the same stretch of River.
Jun 26 2012