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The Old Volvo Mechanic


Discovered by Draingoblin
Created Jul 13 2020
Recent status Abandoned
Category Commercial
City Guelph, Ontario
Location # 16607

This was the Volvo garage for as long as I remember, the old guy being pretty friendly and accumulating a handful of handsome but bedraggled old Benzes and Volvos in the lot. It closed in ~2019, and has been up for lease since. I hadn't thought to stop by till now, but it's got pretty easy access in around the back, though fortunately the inside hasnt been totally wrecked and vandalized. This is at a the corner of a really well trafficked intersection, but there's parking across the street or otherwise nearby, which would be advisable rather than suspiciously parking in the lot around back. It's also right next to parts of another listed location (which I'll slip in some photos of). That location being the remnants of some kind of farm structure listed here: Area is being developed quickly- stop by before its too late.

Latlng: (43.513675, -80.198816)


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sdunphy33 this burned down yesterday morning

Dec 07 2020

Jesse Just visited this place today. Like OP was saying very easy access in the back, and the inside is totally trashed. There is a old foundation and silo directly behind it, fairly interesting. Well visit again soon and take pictures. Overall very cool place!

Oct 26 2020

ishootthings Wicked! Good location. I remember going past this all the time going to CCVI for highschool.

Jul 19 2020