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The Acton Speedway

Guelph, Ontario

Location Owner bigpaulsmall
Creation Date Sep 26 2012
Status Abandoned
Category Other
Location Guelph, Ontario
Site number #5531

Now silent, the racetrack was once the place to be on Sundays. In an abandoned farmer's field, you can find the remains of the old Acton Speedway. The quarter mile racetrack can still be seen, most of the buildings are gone and the deteriorating grandstands are soon to crumble into the field. But for four years from 1968 to 1972 those grandstands were filled with 1000 local racing fans.The air was filled with the sound of roaring engines, screeching tires, and the crash of metal on metal. And of course the start of the race featured the famous "Gentlemen, start your engines", over the loudspeakers. According to one attendee, This was the only track where the cars raced uphill due to the way the track was banked. Cars could hit 75 miles an hour on the long straightaway. But if the driver lost control he would fly out over the top and down a steep embankment. There was always a St.John's ambulance at the track.Not much is left but you can still feel the excitement in the air.

Latlng: (43.697320, -80.123290)


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unknown user avatar
Unknown User Hello u allowed to explore this. I’m just wondering
Jul 02 2020
avatar of sdunphy33
sdunphy33 Im curious which path you decided to go with when walking to the actual site. are you able to tell me either 124 or 125?
Sep 01 2019
avatar of seebest
seebest This place looks awesome. Seems a lot like the Dragway here in Windsor, and almost the same years of operation (68-71). Definitely checking this out on my next road trip.
Dec 10 2013
avatar of bigpaulsmall
bigpaulsmall Thanks photocbear, That's the best compliment I've ever got. That renews my drive to get out there and do more. I used to think that nobody understands me, but now I know there are fellow believers out there.
Sep 28 2012
avatar of photocbear
photocbear My son and I walked through here a few years ago and was the most boring place I ever explored. You on the other hand took some amazing images and now I want to go back.
Sep 28 2012
avatar of Mydea
Mydea Impressive pics BPS!
Sep 27 2012
avatar of ground state
ground state Not much may be left, but you evoked the feeling of history with a haunting set of images. I really like your treatment of the sky in these, but have to say that #21 (or rather 7b) is my personal fav.
Sep 27 2012
avatar of timo explorer
timo explorer Great photographs and description, well done.
Sep 27 2012
avatar of mobileworks
mobileworks lol, I like the Jackie Stewart line. good eye .
Sep 27 2012