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Stone Rd Prison Quarry

Guelph, Ontario

Location Owner ElectricEagle
Creation Date Jul 21 2017
Status Abandoned
Category Mine
Location Guelph, Ontario
Site number #14844

Located south of the old correctional center hidden in the brush you can stumble across plenty of old remains from the quarry that operated here between 1912 - 1970's, when it was closed down. Today, Old foundations for buildings, train tracks and equipment litter the massive site, as well as a wooden train bridge that led to the stone crushing plant, which still exists but is now part of Cargil. A shooting range the guards used to use still holds bullets over 50 years old. And of course the quarry itself. From this quarry the prisoners helped build Guelph in its early years, including the nearby East Bow Truss bridge. Also a great place for rockhounding and fossil hunting, as the quarry has exposed the reef that was here over 400 million years ago.

Latlng: (43.549726, -80.199010)


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avatar of HotdogTango
HotdogTango Visited this place today; We saw footprints as well as a bike trail going out of the quarry but none coming in. there was also a few random items like a wheelchair. We saw a couple of tents and strung up clothes in the trees. It looks like there is a small homeless camp beside the shooting range; we aren''t sure how many people are living there, and didn''t want to stay long enough to find out.
Dec 07 2019
avatar of jcherryholme
jcherryholme So neat!! Haven't done much exploring around Guelph so this will be awesome to check out. Thanks for posting!
Apr 22 2018
avatar of someguynamederic
someguynamederic I love this site. It's a very popular trail area for hikers and dog walkers and it's so fun for kids (and adults) to explore. I remember the shooting range was still operational when I was a child - the 1980s. I found a plastic "missile" there that my dad let me bring home with me. I remember trying to "open it" with a hacksaw. In adult hindsight, I'm pretty sure it was a teargas cannister (as it irritated my eyes to no end). Anyways, the '80s were crazy. And thanks for posting!
Aug 17 2017
avatar of NGTOne
NGTOne Huh. I lived in this area for many years, and I've even visited the quarry (no photos, though), but I never noticed the old shooting range. Neat find.
Jul 23 2017
avatar of Royal City Explorer
Royal City Explorer Cool! I live in Guelph and I'm looking for places to visit here. Thanks for sharing!
Jul 23 2017
avatar of Motleykiwi
Motleykiwi Thanks for the tour, definitely an interesting site.
Jul 21 2017