Latlng: (43.526566, -80.223061)

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Royal Brock Hotel

Discovered by Motleykiwi
Created Jul 09 2020
Recent status Demolished
Category Motel/Hotel
City Guelph, Ontario
Location # 16595

The Royal Brock Hotel & Conference Centre opened up in 1987 and was renovated in 2009 before closing for good last year. It featured 104 rooms, outdoor swimming pool, exercise room, 24-hour business centre, meeting and banquet facilities, a restaurant and more. By 2018 it received bad reviews including one saying the building was rusty, unkept, falling apart and actually looked abandoned. Once inside it had a terrible odour and was not as advertised. I was expecting the inside to be completely gutted but it ended up being better than I thought it would. Sure the rooms were boring with mattresses thrown around but if you took the time, there were many messages written all over the walls that were an interesting read. It looked like people had been squatting here for a while as there was garbage, needles etc laying around. Other parts were completely tagged up. The main lobby desks and laundry room were cool, unfortunately the outside pool was covered up. Be advised this is an active demolition site which is fenced off and worked on during the day. Parts of the building have already been removed but there is still plenty left to see as of right now. I want to thank @abandonedcanada for the heads up about this place, much appreciated.

Latlng: (43.526566, -80.223061)


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avatar of TheEasyKaybreezy
TheEasyKaybreezy Its completely leveled now was by yd
Nov 18 2020
avatar of ishootthings
ishootthings Nice one, I was reading some articles about this not long ago. Nicely infiltrated.
Jul 09 2020