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Maybe Tomorrow


Discovered by f.o.s.
Created Mar 24 2014
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Guelph, Ontario
Location # 10176
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Oddball remnants of a farm smack dab in the middle of an ever expanding residential area. The property directly across the road is set for new home development. Judging by the state of this house, I don't think it is intended to be rented out anytime soon. I will check on it again when the snow is gone.

From NGTOne:

Partially demolished farmhouse/farm in the south end of Guelph. Not sure when the previous owners moved out, but the city website lists that various consultations re: the future of the property have been going since mid-2015. The property itself consists of an old farmhouse (the hardwood floors and stairs put it at about a century old, give or take), a concrete silo (sans top), and the foundation of a barn, as well as a couple of small lean-tos and sheds. Satellite imagery shows that the barn was intact ca. 2013, indicating that the property was abandoned sometime after that.

While most of the house isn't terribly interesting (unless you like seeing piles of fiberglass insulation up to the ceiling), there were a few things inside that just break your heart. Apparently, the family that lived here was in such a hurry to move out that they left behind a number of items that would be of sentimental value - stuff like cards for Father's Day, a get-well-soon from one brother to another, and a little stuffed cat. As urban explorers, we're honour-bound to leave places like we found them and never steal things, but damn if I wasn't tempted to take that little kitty home so he wouldn't end up in the landfill...

In terms of hazards, the biggest thing to watch out for is just the large amount of broken glass littering the property. Most of the windows have been smashed during the course of demolition, and the tall grass hides a lot of the glass shards on the ground. There's also loads of plaster dust throughout the interior, so be careful not to stir it up (especially for those with allergies). Finally, this house is on a busy road, so try not to get spotted as you're wandering around the exterior. I'm not sure when the demolition started/was paused, so make sure you don't run into any workers either.

Latlng: (43.514123, -80.198439)


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