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Is.....The Beef Better?

User ishootthings
Date Jun 07 2021
Recent status Abandoned
Category Commercial
City Guelph, Ontario
Location # 8170
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Is.....The Beef Better? - IMG_0557.JPG

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I never realized what kind of bastardization this was. I had ACTUALLY thought this had windows but the WHOLE structure is covered in plywood. WTF.

Is.....The Beef Better? - IMG_0558.JPG

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Front door and steps. Note the light fixture that is out. There was BUZZING.

Is.....The Beef Better? - IMG_0559.JPG

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Hard to see but there are bees in there. Nice home they made here.

Is.....The Beef Better? - IMG_0560.JPG

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Left side.

Is.....The Beef Better? - IMG_0561.JPG

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Right rear. Those steps lead to NOWHERE. Steps to the door face the opposite direction.

Is.....The Beef Better? - IMG_0562.JPG

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And the back. On the way to the next exterior shoot....