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Guelph And Eramosa

Rockwood Farm House

Discovered by halton paranormal
Created May 17 2011
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Guelph And Eramosa, Ontario
Location # 2723

This old farm house, is located on Highway 7 between Rockwood and Guelph. There is a rest stop picnic area out front. House is up a hill thru the forest there is a driveway leading to the house. There was a body dumped there in 2005, they put a plaque out front of the rest stop for her. She is still unidentified. The house is pretty safe inside, although kids have trashed it. all doors are open and windows smashed. I believe it to be full of ghosts, I caught pictures with orbs with colours and tails. and a shadow in a window. Very spooky place to see. - the driveway to the house is right before the rest station entrance on the east side.

Added by mydea: Local folklore claims this to be the former home to the "Rockwood Murderer" Although unconfirmed, this legend possibly refers to the Willoughby Tragedy. A shocking murder was committed one morning early in Feb 1871 by a man named Charles Willoughby. Charles was a farmer residing a mile and half from Rockwood - the victim was his second wife, Margaret Moore. While under the influence of liquor he asked the unfortunate woman to rise and get him a drink of water, but as she did not comply with his request he sprang out of bed, grabed an axe, and struck her in the head, killing her almost instantly. Charles then tried various but unsuccessful attempts at suicide. He was subsequently arrested, went on trial and was found not guilty, on the grounds of insanity.

Teen house murderers have since taken refuge, and possibly the axe to this place, hidden down a long, overgrown lane that can be easily overlooked well passing by. All that remains in the house are a few newspapers and lots of graffiti left by someone that really likes to F sluts.

Added by Skye_Ann, June 2014: A quaint little house on a hill off the Hwy. It's incredibly trashed and gets worse seemingly every month. Nothing too special about it, other than the memorial on the property beside it. In 2005, A woman believed to be between the ages of 25-45 was found dead and covered by a sleeping bag in the forest nearby. The body has never been identified and there is a 50,000 reward out for anyone who can identify her.

Latlng: (43.596403, -80.170218)


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avatar of Camroo
Camroo Drove out to Rockwood today and visited the memorial... pretty creepy vibes from the area... Will definitely come back
Jun 22 2019
avatar of ElectricEagle
ElectricEagle Although it's unfortunately laying on the ground now, the roof is still in pretty good shape! Still large parts of foundation left too.
Jul 18 2017
avatar of MacabreKiss
MacabreKiss This location was demolished between August and October of 2016.
Dec 31 2016
avatar of Cerulean
Cerulean Yeah, it's really weird, eh? I stopped there yesterday. Even the shed looks like it's boarded up now. This would be an interesting place to set up trail cameras.
Mar 17 2016
avatar of MacabreKiss
MacabreKiss It's sealed back up again - every single door and window is boarded. I'm totally confused as to what the heck is going on with this place. In October all the boards were ripped off and nowhere to be found, and now they're all back up again...
Jan 26 2016
avatar of Cerulean
Cerulean This place is so trashed now.
Apr 29 2015
avatar of Bumblebee
Bumblebee Just a heads up to explorers, it looks like someone had a temper tantrum and literally ripped every single board off this place spent 10 minutes here as I had never seen this place without boards on her.
Apr 18 2015
avatar of trailblazer519
trailblazer519 She's coming here tomorrow to stay with me for a week so I'll ask her. I'm sure she will.. :-)
Jul 30 2013
avatar of ann_faith
ann_faith Trailblazer2112, do you think that your daughter would like to share? Lol. It is my hope, that one day my lovly daughter will share this facination of mine, aswell.. :)
Jul 30 2013
avatar of trailblazer519
trailblazer519 I agree ann, I like the exterior better too. The whole property has a real good eerie look about it. My daughter has a really cool edited b&w photo of it..
Jul 30 2013
avatar of ann_faith
ann_faith Oddly enough I felt more creeped out on the exteriors of the property.....the inside wasnt really anything too special .....just another abandoned house destroyed by wrekless teens.
Jul 28 2013
avatar of doom vs
doom vs Not just odd...a tad gross that's a strange find.
Jan 15 2012
unknown user avatar
Unknown User I have been researching the history on this location. It is considered Eramosa Township, Concession 2 lot 5 Civic address used to be #8149, The Eramosa archive department has information on the ownership but i have to get out there again to go thru it or pay to have them do it for me. Its way more fun to dig.
Oct 01 2011
avatar of halton paranormal
halton paranormal ya that was creepy....I found it creepy I was more worried about squatters lol
May 21 2011