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Wilder Family Cemetery


Discovered by mobileworks
Created Oct 13 2015
Recent status Abandoned
Category Cemetery
City Grey County, Ontario
Location # 12825
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An abandoned pioneer cemetery sitting at the edge of the farm, the Wilder Family once owned. A Big Thanks to Timo for tossing me this location and spotting it, with not much to go on. This cemetery was active between 1852 and 1908 and now arranged in cement with large boulders set in as well with the headstones. The stone carver, Mr. Robert from Hamilton , I guess, spelt Hamlton[ no i] He was probably pretty tired by that point. A small unique cement trough, now filled with weeds, looks like it was for plants or at least flowers. I can see no house on this side anymore but the farm around is still worked, this year with corn. I walked the perimeter and discovered some odd fasteners attached to the old fence posts, made by men who have been gone a long time. It looks like a cable fence at one time surrounded this sacred place where yellow fluorescent tape is now found. A single corroded pipe railing is all that is seen from the road. There are several solid cement stairs in excellent condition overgrown but still work. The town of Tartan was just south of here and there is only one house at the corner now. Usually someone in the area steps up and takes care of these lost places, I know I would and did clip a little for better images, but not everyone sees a problem with a cemetery in this condition.

Latlng: (44.13135, -80.72767)


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timo explorer Well done, very pleased you found this place.

Oct 16 2015  • 0 like(s)