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The Legend of Mary Rutherford


Discovered by timo explorer
Created Jun 29 2014
Recent status Abandoned
Category Cemetery
City Grey County, Ontario
Location # 10646
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The worst condition I have ever seen in any cemetery, appalling really. Such desecration is completely unwarranted and I wonder at the minds of some people. This sad little cemetery is found down an abandoned "No Maintenance" road, closed in the winter and very rough the remainder of the year. The only visitors are off-roaders, partyers and people dumping garbage. Also those who follow the ghostly legends of the paranormal may also be found visiting here, in curiosity of the Legend of Mary Rutherford. Cults and satanic rituals are common here, and apparitions have also been reported

Please see the link for more details of the legend, it is a sad story of a poor spinster, rumoured to be a witch, buried away from the rest of the departed, her grave continues to be desecrated and damaged. Sadly I did not find her grave in the thick undergrowth, I think I may have, but could not be positive due to the recent vandalism.

What is easy to find are the other gravestones, all gathered together on a concrete slab, most damaged and in poor condition, all turned every which way and used as stools for partying idiots.

Mary Rutherford was reportedly the first burial in what was once the West Bentinck Presbyterian Cemetery. She died Christmas day of 1872. The last confirmed burial here was 1922. A visit here is spooky, deep within the forest setting, surrounded by the refuse of society and the uncertainty of the unknown.

Latlng: (44.239606, -81.003583)


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bby22040 I was there today and was completely disgusted by what shape the cemetery was in. I was able to find her grave and was angered by how hers was the only grave littered with broken glass and missing the headstone. I cleaned up the glass and had found a coin kinda thing saying on one side "In God we Trust" and the other saying "protected by an angel" I buried the coin to protect it from being stolen and plan to go back next spring to plant wild flowers by her grave

Oct 25 2020  • 0 like(s)

mobileworks Hey , good eye Tim. If you get a chance contact the Grey County, we pay taxes to maintain these. I have seen some good repairs,in the past and that needs to be done here. I think you might be better off not finding her grave and accidently touching it, so they say. Headstones for seats ?. Arseholes.

Jun 30 2014  • 0 like(s)

ground state By far one of your best graveyard locations. So isolated and with all those free-standing headstones, it looks more like some kind of druid altar. Almost 100 years after her death and the vandalism shows urban legends still most run rampant.

Jun 30 2014  • 0 like(s)