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St. George Pioneer Cemetery


Discovered by mobileworks
Created Aug 27 2018
Recent status Closed
Category Cemetery
City Grey County, Ontario
Location # 15548
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This pioneer cemetery was active from 1847-1968 and is now closed. Originally, ten acres were granted by the Crown Patent, 16 June 1852. Eight acres were sold by the cemetery trustees on July 4th 1907. Another .13 of an acre was used for the King's Hwy. on the 26th April, 1939. [ WWII started on Sept. 1st that year]. Most people here lived into their sixty's and seventies with 3 into their eighties.

Latlng: (44.15775, -80.99318)


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Dissectionist Some stones have fallen over or lost bits, but others have been repaired with now-rusty brackets. Info can be found on the stones here:

Jul 09 2019  • 0 like(s)

Dissectionist This is a lovely little cemetary. The words on a lot of the stones have so worn away as to be unreadable, but maybe about half are still able to be read. There are some child stones but not as many as expected, considering how old the cemetary was and how high the mortality rate was at that time; most stones are for elderly folks. The grass was mowed fairly recently to when we stopped by, so though the cemetary is no longer in use, someone is still taking efforts to make it look nice.

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