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Latlng: (46.424369, -80.74062)

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Greater Sudbury

Wahnapitae Art Teacher's House

Discovered by TWP
Created Sep 23 2009
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Greater Sudbury, Ontario
Location # 865

This is the home of Anita and John. Anita was an art teacher at a Sudbury-based high school. She also just happened to be MY art teacher. I didn(a)t know this at the time but as I explored all of the pieces fell into place. It began with the obvious hand-made paintings, the ceramic pig, and a photo which seemed to remind me of my old art teacher. The deal was sealed when I found an envelope dated 1970 which was addressed to the art department at my high school.

This location is one of those locations in which you can(a)t but help yourself from wondering about the lives lived inside these four walls. Unlike the hardened walls of an industrial location, the air ripe with industrial grease, this house was full of memories of the past.

Newspapers and magazines dating back to the 1960(a)s, a typewritten thesis, university exams from 1963 - oh yes, this house had a story to tell. It got even better when I discovered some old photographs which now gave me faces to go with the memories within.

John now lives in Kelowna, BC (and has since 1978) and Anita lives in Sudbury. She is now retired after having taught for almost 30 years.

John and Anita lived in the house for about three years in the early 1970(a)s. It would appear that John was finishing up his schooling at Laurentian University about the time that they moved into the house.

Prior to the couple moving into the house, it was owned by the original owner who homesteaded the property from the crown.

After the couple moved out, the property was used recreationally until about 1998. This was apparent by newspapers dating to the late 1990(a)s.

When one of the owner(a)s parents passed away (I(a)m assuming Anita(a)s), the family stopped attending the property. Today it is up for sale, the son willing to take interested buyers out there and give a tour of the home and provide some family history.

There are many books, papers, clothes and photos left here. The family recently visited the property to see if there were any items worth keeping and left the rest.

Demolished sometime in late 2010.

Latlng: (46.424369, -80.74062)


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