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Latlng: (46.506194, -80.974172)

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Greater Sudbury

Sudbury Zaitz Raceway

Discovered by DAExplores
Created Jul 20 2015
Recent status Abandoned
Category Recreational
City Greater Sudbury, Ontario
Location # 12389

Used in the 1970's as a dirt racetrack. At the location you can find car 89

There isn't much information available on this location. From about 1968 to 1970 this area of the Flour Mill in Sudbury was used as a dirt racetrack. The outer part of the track is marked with tires submerged halfway in the ground. Racers would bring their cars or motorbikes to race in the dirt. Mr. Bill Zaitz was the owner of the track.

No further information can be found. It's been almost forty years since the track was operational and there isn't much left to see.

The remains of the track can be found by taking the hiking trail at the end of Mountain Street. There is a gate which marks the trail, just past the large industrial building at the end of Mountain Street.

Latlng: (46.506194, -80.974172)


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DAExplores I know. I original uploaded this so they could merge it but that did not happen.

Aug 05 2015

timo explorer This is already on the database, Location 415, but since its one of the OAP originals, we cannot add photos.

Jul 23 2015