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Latlng: (46.48333, -80.866666)

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Created Jan 01 2006
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Category Railway
City Greater Sudbury, Ontario
Location # 290

The Canadian Pacific Railway built two stations for their rail service through Coniston. The first station, built in 1905, was known as Romford Station (the Romford junction). The second station was built in 1912 and built in Coniston.

Romford Station was manned by a station agent and two operators. They controlled the three tracks that the trains passed through on. One track branched off at the Toronto Division. One track held forty cars, the other one held twenty, and the Toronto track with the main line held thirty cars. The station handled traffic from Toronto and the Muskokas before they headed off to Sudbury.

The Coniston station required only one man. The station was operated by Paul Hugli from 1912 until his retirement in 1950. The Capreol yard included repair shops, a coal chute, a water tower and a roundhouse with eight pits.

In 1970 the Coniston station was shut down and thereafter demolished. The Romford Station closed in August of 1979.

Today two sheds stand watch over the railway and a few old employee homes across the tracks remain occupied. The old Armstrong farm sits close by.

Latlng: (46.48333, -80.866666)

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