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Latlng: (46.758562, -81.239655)

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Greater Sudbury

Nickel Offset Mine - #1 shaft


Discovered by diesel79
Created Oct 29 2011
Recent status Abandoned
Category Mine
City Greater Sudbury, Ontario
Location # 3418

In 1926, mining activity started north of Chelmsford, specifically in the townships of Foy and Bowell, about fifteen miles north of Chemlsford. This mining development based on nickel and copper work first under the name of Dennie Mine, then known as the Sudbury Offset soon to become the Nickel Offset.

From 1926 to 1946, activities at the site consisted of the construction of roads, digging of mine shafts, drilling and research. By 1944, after three years of operation, the mine extracted and delivered 5,733 tons of mineral to the Inco plant for the metals to be extracted. At its peak, Nickel Offset employed approx. 50 laborers, had 2 shaft, and 57 properties covering an area of 2140 acres. After 20 years of power supply from a compressor and a diesel engine, in 1947, the hydroelectric power finally reached the mine. The number 1 shaft sunk to a dept of 1580 ft with considerable lateral work at 200, 350, 500 & 650ft levels, with stations cut at 800, 950 and 1100 ft.

The following are names of the men in the history of Nickel Offset: Frank Dennie, a pioneer and a director, Cyril F. Young, president, Walter Riddell, engineer and superintendent. Most miners come from the Chelmsford area. Nickel Offset operated from 1926 until its closure in 1957.

*** Historical pictures found on the Greater City of Sudbury(a)s library site.

Latlng: (46.758562, -81.239655)


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SteveRussell Road up is getting rough and overgrown. Expect scratches on your 4x4. Big trees cleared at the time of comment. Water crossings are all firm bottom and doable on 31’s without lockers.

Oct 18 2020