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Latlng: (46.629381, -81.078699)

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Greater Sudbury

Hurricane Speedway


Discovered by TWP
Created Jan 01 2006
Recent status Abandoned
Category Recreational
City Greater Sudbury, Ontario
Location # 402

About the only fast moving objects at Hurricane Speedway these days are insects. The ¼ mile track began operating in the early 1970’s and closed in the mid 70’s. The original race-track was made up of dirt and was later replaced with pavement. It is reported that the track closed down without ever seeing a race held on the new pavement.

Today the pavement is cracked and the inside of the track is overgrown with trees so that you’re unable to see across to the other side of the track. The area is littered with abandoned tires and telltale parts of cars. There is a high probability that stolen cars are brought to this area where they are abused and then stripped of parts.

You can still see where the spectator wall and fencing is as well as the path that led to the pitstop. While visiting this area we heard a large smashing sound from the nearby forest which was likely a bear running – use caution. Other than a track and some car parts, there isn’t much to see here.

The track is located in Blezard Valley which can be found by turning left at the Esso in Val Caron (a 10 minute drive from Sudbury). When you arrive in Blezard Valley turn right onto Martin Road. Martin Road is a straight stretch with only a few side streets. One such side street will have hydro transformers on it (you can’t miss them due to their odd shape). Take that road (Vern street?) until the pavement turns to rock. It will be a right hand turn. There are not many right hand turns but more than enough to keep you guessing as to which one it is – if you want to find it badly enough, you will.

"Twenty years ago, my friends and I would go there to race motorbikes.ÿ It was already grown in then and cracks were appearing on the pavement but the track was still in better shape then our main roads now. The guys would tape camcorders to the back tires to film themselves going around the corners.ÿ It(a)s very sad that the next generations could not respect it as we did and keep it clean." - Nicole

Latlng: (46.629381, -81.078699)

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two.minutes This place is very neat. I would actually pay money to be allowed to take my truck around it a few times, or even my car...

May 07 2012
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Unknown user Anonymous comment: I'm very familiar with this race track. It was first cleared in 1962, and local boys raced there for four years before organized racing happened. When the track was paved it enjoyed a few years of racing before closing. The oil crunch of 1974 was the killer for the track. There was some discussion in the late 80s about a possible rebirth of the track but local residents voi

Jun 22 2011