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Latlng: (46.442648, -81.011)

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Greater Sudbury

Ester Road Public School


Discovered by anon:trailblazer
Created Aug 06 2009
Recent status Demolished
Category Educational
City Greater Sudbury, Ontario
Location # 785

Ester Road Public School went up to grade 6 located on the corner of ester and treeview. the building is no longer used as a school and is apparently used for offices or is fully abandoned. the property is under surveilance cameras and i couldnt get any up close inside pictures. there is some newer developement in behind where the school yard was and is labeled with a sign 2260 Treeview Rd. with 3 buildings, Maple, Oak and Cedar

UPDATE: I was visiting last summer and drove by the old neighbourhood and saw the school building had been demolished.

Latlng: (46.442648, -81.011)


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diesel79 I checked out the school last week, and was able to get a few close up pictures, so I added a gallery to show them.

Nov 24 2009