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Latlng: (46.418941, -81.360403)

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Crean Hill Road


Discovered by UrbanExplorations
Created Apr 03 2014
Recent status Closed
Category Mine
City Greater Sudbury, Ontario
Location # 10213

Crean Hill Mine was originally discover by Sir Francis Charles Crean in 1885. At his peak Crean also became a well known prospector who establish The Howland Occurrences in 1864. While developing these huge producing mines, he soon constructed his own company. The Canadian Copper Company was form by 1905, and had a steady production rate of 305 tonnes of ore per day. Shortly after the mine site owners had cease their own production due to upgrades in 1914. But by no time the Crean Hill Mine had soon re-open its legacy again. While being officially open this mine would produce up to 800 tonnes of ore per day. By 1918 this company would once again transfer its files to The International Nickel Company, also known as INCO. Now with the old Crean Hill Mine at closure it slowly started to flood away. With no more ore production the Crean Hill Mine end it's legacy with 3,028,000 tonnes of ore. More then 43 years late this mine would come back to life once again. In 1966 the Crean Hill Mine was once again explore by INCO who discover ore near the surface.

Company Officials had soon eliminated underground mining as it was replace with open pit mining. While construction was taking place the Crean Hill Mine didn't re-open till 1973. With steady production rates this mine commonly produced more then 4,500 tonnes of ore per day. The ore was mainly shipped by the CPR rail-carts. Ore production continue till this mine came to another closure in 1978, but re-open by October 1986. As INCO limited became even more wealthier in the Sudbury, Ontario area, they soon put $25 million dollars towards making this mine all electrical. They even provided some renovation money to their own Copper Refinery tank house. By the following may company INCO had once again re-open it's all electrical Crean Hill Mine. From 1986 to 1999, Crean Hill Mine was commonly known as a steady producer till the company had no choice but to shut down. This decision was made due to ore resources being extremely low in profit. By 2000 INCO had sold its own name to Vale, who has work this mine from 2001 to 2013. But now with no more ore resource this company is still fighting to keep Crean Hill alive. As it stands this mine is currently on stand by, and exploring for more ore resources.

Latlng: (46.418941, -81.360403)


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