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Latlng: (46.568872, -81.236479)

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Greater Sudbury

Chelmsford Abandoned House


Discovered by diesel79
Created Dec 04 2009
Recent status Unknown
Category House Or Farm
City Greater Sudbury, Ontario
Location # 994

This is an abandoned house in Chelmsford, which has been deemed "Haunted". I personally have never been in this house, but I have heard stories from people in Chelmsford regarding this place.

We asked the owner(a)s wife if we could gain entry to this house, but she wasn(a)t sure what awaited us, so she said no, but that we could take pictures from outside. The place itself is boarded up and since we wanted to respect the owner(a)s wife(a)s decision, we did not try to gain entry, just took pictures of what we could see from the outside. So we shall probably try again by asking the owner himself later on, and if so, I will definitely post more pictures.

Now, just to let you all know, all stories that I have heard state that the ghost itself, "lives" in the attic. So enjoy what I have so far, and like I said hopefully more pictures to follow before they plan on possibly demolishing this place.

Latlng: (46.568872, -81.236479)


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BrehdenTV how cold we contact them if we wanted to explore

May 09 2021
unknown user avatar

Unknown user My boyfriend and I are on the way back to the Soo from Sudbury and decided to check this place out. It is in much worse condition now but it is still standing. There is also what looks like a personal garage across the road that''s abandoned. I wonder if it belongs to the same owners?

Sep 06 2020