Latlng: (43.690676, -81.719497)

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Bluewater Youth Centre

Discovered by TheAlecDude
Created Dec 26 2015
Recent status Abandoned
Category Correctional
City Goderich, Ontario
Location # 13048

Bluewater Youth Centre, a correctional facility for young offenders, closed in 2012 and has since been left empty. The facility is overgrown, but still in fairly good shape. The cells and offices have been emptied of just about everything, but there's been fans left out to prevent mould and moisture from accumulating. The power is out in the facility which makes the basement and certain areas pitch dark.

Latlng: (43.690676, -81.719497)


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avatar of taxablefoot
taxablefoot Also, Carlton Ave is closed at the Hwy 21 entrance with a padlocked gate. Could probably get around in a 4x4 or with some bolt cutters lol. The nearby OPP station is also abandoned. Takes some creativity to get to this place.
Nov 18 2020
avatar of Kcin
Kcin We parked at the end of Union road by the beach, walked down the beach a bit and then climbed this sand dune hill. You go through the forest and then theres a hole in the back fence of the facility, we just parked there so no security had a chance of seeing our vehicle. Probably didnt need to park so far but the hike through the forest is beautiful
Nov 11 2020
avatar of ChargerRT
ChargerRT do i just park and leave my car by highway and walk back there?
Nov 09 2020
avatar of Kcin
Kcin There was a hole in the fence, the gym wall had been opened with just a small piece of plywood in front of the hole. Slid it to the side and I was In
Nov 08 2020
unknown user avatar
Unknown User is there a way to get into this place?? looks so cool
Sep 14 2020
avatar of fiso
fiso Gone downhill just a titch over the years....
Jan 15 2019
avatar of TheAlecDude
TheAlecDude Thanks for the comments. These photos were taken in August 2013, I've just got around to uploading them now. I knew the guy who did security for the site so he let me follow him on his patrol. Normally the site is locked down and regularly patrolled a couple times a day.
Dec 26 2015
avatar of fiso
fiso Great location.
Dec 26 2015
avatar of Talker
Talker Good job! I've checked this one out a couple of times without any luck. Is the way in pretty obvious?
Dec 26 2015
avatar of Motleykiwi
Motleykiwi Nice job on getting in here!
Dec 26 2015