Nighttime Silo Visit

User axf905
Date Dec 16 2012
Recent status Abandoned
Category Correctional
City Fort Erie, Ontario
Location # 5955
Nighttime Silo Visit - Ridgeway-Witch-Prison-Tower14.jpg
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Locked up tight you old hag

Nighttime Silo Visit - Ridgeway-Witch-Prison-Tower15.jpg
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Brinks security, keepin them witches locked up for your safety

Nighttime Silo Visit - Ridgeway-Witch-Prison-Tower2.jpg
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I thought hell went down

Nighttime Silo Visit - Ridgeway-Witch-Prison-Tower3.jpg
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I can't snap it without my gear

Nighttime Silo Visit - Ridgeway-Witch-Prison-Tower16.jpg
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I was hoping to see a head in the window

Nighttime Silo Visit - Ridgeway-Witch-Prison-Tower4.jpg
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view from the second window, Spiderman ain't got nothin on me

Nighttime Silo Visit - Ridgeway-Witch-Prison-Tower5.jpg
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lookin at the door from above

Nighttime Silo Visit - Ridgeway-Witch-Prison-Tower6.jpg
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extension cord running upstairs somewhere, Weaver 99' maaaan

Nighttime Silo Visit - Ridgeway-Witch-Prison-Tower17.jpg
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lookin up at the 2nd floor, looks in good shape

Nighttime Silo Visit - Ridgeway-Witch-Prison-Tower11.jpg
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Must be some lights hooked up somewhere upstairs

Nighttime Silo Visit - Ridgeway-Witch-Prison-Tower7.jpg
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Witch doesn't have it that bad, at least she can cook on that quality grill

Nighttime Silo Visit - Ridgeway-Witch-Prison-Tower12.jpg
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That chains gotta go!

Nighttime Silo Visit - Ridgeway-Witch-Prison-Tower8.jpg
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Weird foundation near the lean too

Nighttime Silo Visit - Ridgeway-Witch-Prison-Tower18.jpg
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This wall is old, vaulted over only to have the stone slip out from under me and landed in a flattened area with some more concrete running through it