A Horror Yarn

User ground state
Date Dec 10 2012
Recent status Abandoned
Category Correctional
City Fort Erie, Ontario
Location # 5955
A Horror Yarn - Ridgeway-Witch-Prison-Tower53.jpg
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Pulled tightly across the entrance with concrete anchors, a taut chain makes escape impossible, especially for an ancient hag.

A Horror Yarn - Ridgeway-Witch-Prison-Tower42.jpg
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A warning above the door reminds would-be visitors of the danger housed within.

A Horror Yarn - Ridgeway-Witch-Prison-Tower43.jpg
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The draw to discover the truth about the interior was far too intense. A standard camera would not have done it, but my point-and-shoot was just thin enough to slip through the two inch crack of the door and take a photo of the interior.

A Horror Yarn - Ridgeway-Witch-Prison-Tower34.jpg
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I withdrew the camera and used the review function to survey the interior, my heart pounding. Stairs inside of a silo? Could it be true? The draw was inescapable: I had to remove the chain and creep up those stairs.

A Horror Yarn - Ridgeway-Witch-Prison-Tower44.jpg
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There were indeed multiple levels, with a crude water-pipe hand railing leading up to the first. A noise from upstairs and my pulse raced. Certainly nothing more than a raccoon. But.... what if? I needed to climb just one more level. No further. One photograph and then home, no matter what.