Latlng: (42.930466, -78.999928)

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Fort Erie

Keeper of the Quarry

Discovered by ground state
Created Nov 23 2013
Recent status Abandoned
Category Other
City Fort Erie, Ontario
Location # 9909

Although far-fetched, satellite view of Walker's old abandoned quarry off Bowen Road shows what looks like a police cruiser dumped in the centre of it. Or perhaps a stolen taxi cab. It drew me out for a refreshing autumn hike. The vehicle turned out to be merely a car, but led to the discovery of some kind of hermit mobile home nearby that has been converted into a... what? Refuge for hunting? Spousal doghouse? Complete with a smokestack, iron stove, picnic table and BBQ, this was once someone's getaway that now sits overgrown and forgotten in the woods.

Leaving this basic status, as I haven't posted anything open access in forever, and the nature of it certainly doesn't warrant FM. Be aware though that this is posted private property by Walker Brothers, and they have been known to enforce trespassing restrictions in all their owned land throughout the region.

Latlng: (42.930466, -78.999928)


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