Latlng: (42.937835, -79.003482)

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Fort Erie

Fort Erie Coloured Cemetery

Discovered by drunkenmunky420
Created Feb 03 2014
Recent status Historic Location
Category Cemetery
City Fort Erie, Ontario
Location # 10095

I know cemetery's aren't all that exciting to some but I felt this one had enough history behind it to validate posting it. I have grown up in this area my whole life and was not even aware that there was a coloured cemetery around here. The cemetery is over 150 years old and contain's at least 1 veteran of the war of 1812 giving the site even more historic value. The cemetery has had many different names over the years and in 1975 the town of Fort Erie assumed responsibility for it.

Latlng: (42.937835, -79.003482)


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avatar of timo explorer
timo explorer Pioneer cemeteries are full of amazing history, for those who take the time to read the stones and appreciate what these families went through so long ago. Every settlement and every ghost town has an old cemetery, sometimes this is all that remains today.
Feb 04 2014
avatar of mobileworks
mobileworks Pioneer cemeteries have a lot of character and need to be documented before some headstones are unreadable. My elderly mother learned how to read from headstones, a long time ago, and used to love going with me to check them out. Good find.
Feb 04 2014
avatar of superss
superss I was reading something about this place in the fall, for whatever reason I thought it was on here already.
Feb 04 2014
avatar of oldmann66
oldmann66 Cemeteries are really interesting and serves some part of history.I wander around many cemeteries and i actually found some of my relatives and great grand parents and who says cemeteries aren't cool
Feb 03 2014
avatar of ground state
ground state "Little Cemetery Around The Corner"? What a weird formal name!
Feb 03 2014
avatar of timekeeper
timekeeper Cool find, thanks fo' sharing
Feb 03 2014