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Corroded Catfish Creek Camp - Tick Season Over

Album uploaded by ground state

Recreational in Fort Erie, Ontario

Abandoned location discovered by ground state on Sep 07 2013

Tick Season Over - Corroded-Catfish-Creek-Camp15.jpg
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I never thought I would be happy to see goldenrod, but with the tick situation in the Niagara region this year, the looming arrival of Fall has been a welcome relief for exploring.

Tick Season Over - Corroded-Catfish-Creek-Camp14.jpg
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The perfect OAP group explore-wagon... I'm already on the way - be at your house by 4!

Tick Season Over - Corroded-Catfish-Creek-Camp11.jpg
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The only on-site item with a date: 2007. Not abandoned very long, but that date does correspond to about the time massive shift cuts began to hammer the DMI workforce.

Tick Season Over - Corroded-Catfish-Creek-Camp6.jpg
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Not everyone has forgotten that this once was, and still is, a great fishing spot.

Tick Season Over - Corroded-Catfish-Creek-Camp4.jpg
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A BBQ, fish-cleaning table, and sink sit right in the middle of the bush. Also a giant elevated plastic vat nearby, presumably for water.

Tick Season Over - Corroded-Catfish-Creek-Camp1.jpg
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Fishing camp with the hulk of DMI shown to the north. On site 24-hour security hut in parking lot, but perhaps one could ask for permission to enter the factory.