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Ruins in Winter

User ground state
Date Jan 30 2014
Recent status Abandoned
Category Foundations
City Fort Erie, Ontario
Location # 2952
Ruins in Winter - 40-Years-After-the-Fire4.jpg
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Years ago I posted a single historic photo here and made a whole location out of it like a big newbie loser. How it survived the Great Spring Clean-up of 2013, I'll never know! I recently stopped here to take some photos and finally make an honest location out of it.

Ruins in Winter - 40-Years-After-the-Fire5.jpg
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This is the farm burning down in February, 1971. Courtesy (well, not really I suppose) of the Niagara Falls Public Library's Historic Photo archive.

Ruins in Winter - 40-Years-After-the-Fire9.jpg
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Half a decade ago I placed a very large geocache here in the raised concrete vampire coffin in the woods.