Latlng: (44.278774, -79.818281)

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Essa Township

Cabin on 20

Discovered by timo explorer
Created Sep 19 2013
Recent status Abandoned
Category House Or Farm
City Essa Township, Ontario
Location # 9587

Looks like a cottage or fishing cabin. Just up the road from the Nottawasaga River and a provincial fishing preserve. Popular area in fishing season, and a pair of active camps nearby. No interior washroom, only an outside behind the hut and a solar shower for that rustic feeling. Animal scat is prevalent, as are the dated electronics, books and records. Some leftover clothing and household utensils, but nothing with names of the former inhabitants. The place has been somewhat trashed, although not vandalized or destroyed. Part of the back roof is giving way and leaking into a back storage room. If you choose to visit, parking is available at the end of the road, then a 2 minute walk back to the cabin.

Latlng: (44.278774, -79.818281)


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avatar of ForgottenPlaces
ForgottenPlaces Location has been locked up since the last visit from timo. Looks like everything is still in tact.
Sep 05 2016
avatar of ground state
ground state Neat place with more here than expected from the cabin-in-the-woods motif. Ironically despite how the shower bag feels rustic, it is the only timeless 'technology' here that is still up to date.
Sep 20 2013