Latlng: (42.695988, -81.387191)

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Elgin County

Ross Cemetery

Discovered by Veeedub226
Created Nov 07 2013
Recent status Abandoned
Category Cemetery
City Elgin County, Ontario
Location # 9852

Up on a hill, There's a bunch of grave stones. Looks like they've all been put there, all standing back to back. I see this a lot, always wonder where they came from..a cemetery that got demolished and they just moved the stones in one spot?

Latlng: (42.695988, -81.387191)


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avatar of DDR12
DDR12 Quite a beautiful cemetery!
Jan 06 2019
avatar of f.o.s.
f.o.s. You're right punchbowl, I do believe it was a guy names Art who carved most of them. (this message is intended for entertainment purposes only. f.o.s. is not responsible for any risk, wager, or liability incurred from information presented in location comments, unless any such wager results in monetary gain, in which case my cut is 80%)
Nov 08 2013
avatar of punchbowl
punchbowl Some of these old head stones are a work of art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 07 2013