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Latlng: (48.775752, -80.677082)

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Cochrane District

You shall not pass


Discovered by Northof49
Created Dec 02 2014
Recent status Active
Category Bridge/Locks
City Cochrane District, Ontario
Location # 11480
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Took these photos the weekend before it was closed there are now cement baracades at each end but can still be crossed on foot. Originally constructed in 1922 as a railway bridge for Abitibi Power and Paper company but over time converted to a single lane vehicle bridge the Iroquois Falls Abitibi trestle bridge was closed in August of 2014 due to the structure deteriorating. It also made for a longer ride for those who had cottages and camps nearby as they would have to travel an even longer distance to reach them.

UPDATE: The bridge was re opened as a toll bridge. Check links for details.

Latlng: (48.775752, -80.677082)


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