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Latlng: (49.060592, -81.014855)

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Cochrane District

True North Plywood Plant


Discovered by Northof49
Created Aug 06 2014
Recent status Active
Category Mill/Foundry
City Cochrane District, Ontario
Location # 10879
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[b] [/b] [b]** Admin note:[/b] [i]This entry is BM because the True North plant is no longer in existence. However, the site is for sale and will be repurposed. This listing is for archival purposes and does NOT reflect the current status of this location.[/i] [b]**[/b]

This location is now active again. It was bought by another company and is currently producing plywood.

True North was started in 1963 by Michel Perron family as Normick and later was acquired by Norbord Industries in 1990. In 1996 Norbord invested $13 million dollars in a plant modernization program. They formed a partnership with in Kruger in 2008 and changed the name to True North. With the collapse in the North American economy, the plant closed in November of 2010. It opened up again briefly in 2012 but closed again for good in December 2013. This was tough for the towns economy as it employed about 200 employees.

Latlng: (49.060592, -81.014855)


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ground state Smac75, just wondering what the status is of this foundry now? Do you want to leave it as BM access? Although your pics are from some time ago, it might be better suited as FM.

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