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Shiloh Church- Starkville

Discovered by clay70
Created Jan 10 2011
Recent status Active
Category Church
City Clarington, Ontario
Location # 2262

Just east of Starkville on Concession 5 of the former Clarke Township (now Clarington) sits this old church circa the 1860(a)s. A tiny cemetery is beside it.

  • I did some research on the history on the church i have pasted it bellow Thanks.

In 1860 the people of Starkville district decided to build a wesleyan methodist church and a subscription was circulated during the winter of 1860-61. It was built on the 5th Consession, Lot 5 of the Township of Clarke on land donated by Thomas Ray for the sum of $600,00.The shed was built on land donated by George Ray.David Ray was the contractor.After some discussion the name of "Shiloh" was chosen as suggested by Mr. David Gordon.

It was on the newcastle circuit and at a quarterly Board meeting held Nov. 4 1861, George Ray, Thomas Mulligan, David Gordon, Patrick Lavery, David Ray, W.D Ray and Charles Wragg were appointed trustees.The church had been plastered walls with high baseboard, the pulpit was block against the north wall with stationary seat with high ends behind for the ministers. This was upholstered with repp trimmed with heavy fringe. The pulpit was high and wide each end had a coal oil lamp fastened with it with nails.

The church was lighted with coal oil. All seats were numbered and rented. The building was errected in 1861 and was dedicated on june 15, 1862. Three services were held with the morning afternoon services held in a grove east of the church, Red. Coleman preached the morning and Rev. Bakewell in the afternoon from John 3:16, and Rev. McDonna preached in the new building at night on "Great is the Mystery of Godliness 1st Timothy 3:16. Red Dr. Aylesworth assisted by Rev. McCann took charge of the Church. Shortly adter Dr. Aylesworth was removed by conference to take care of a special extention work and his place was filled by Rev. Brock. In October 1862 special services were held for nine weeks by Brock and McCann. Sixty persons were converted to the faith and fifty-two united with the Church. In 1871 sunday School was organized. It was some years before there was either organ or choir. Shiloh became pard of Newtonville circuit about 1874. In 1891 Rev R. T. Courtice was pastor who was the means of having a new better shed built on land donated by Thomas Souche and wife, Maria. In 1895 the Church was remodelled under guidance of Rev. Wesley Down. A goose supper was held on re-opennin in the new shed. In 1914 the Church was raised and a basement was put under it. Rev. W. Down took charge of re-openning services and Newcastle has charge of the music. An accident marred the re-openning. The large crowd was too much for the floor and part of it went into the basement carrying some people with it. Fortunately the near tragedy was narrowed down to one young man, Albert Campbell, an employee of Gorge Smith, who however recovered. In 1922 Jubilee Anniversary was held with Rev. E. W. Ting, pastor and Red. J. I. Wilson, who was present at dedication, taking charge of both afternoon and evening services and Shiloh Choir was in charge of the music.

Latlng: (43.99819, -78.495457)


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oprs I have updated the history of the church itself i do appologise for the delay with the pictures Thanks.

Mar 24 2012

oprs There is no running sewage into the church therefore the outhouse is still being used today. The pastor informed of this because the cemetary out back and there is 14 remains according to the pastor - i will post photographs of the enitre site and what it looks like inside. Thanks,

Mar 15 2012

oprs It is not abandoned - the floor inside was replaced in the 90's has a outhouse out back - in the basement its a hall - on the main floor the benches and the smell of old varnish is smelled throughout this little church where sunday masses are still being held today the church itself is in immaculate condition inside and has the definately old smell of what church was like back in the 1800's - I we

Mar 15 2012

oprs This site is still being used - i have an album of the church and cemetary i will definatly publish - With some of what this church looks like in the inside and the cemetary aswell.

Mar 15 2012

clay70 ok I was starting to worry that the owner was buried under the snow...hehe

Jan 12 2011

vitalfilms That's where I left my bike!!! I was looking for that. lol

Jan 12 2011

spydrgyrl I have a friend who lives on the 5th concession in Starkville. I love those old pioneers cemeteries!

Jan 10 2011