Religious Pugilists

Discovered by clay70
Created Dec 28 2010
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Clarington, Ontario
Location # 2217

This abandoned farm home was once the John Frank property, but no home was built here until after 1878 according to the Belden Map.

This home was last owned by religious pugilists (aka Christian boxers). There are Christian photos and boxing photos hanging throughout the home. There is a boxing bag and barbells/weights out back. 3 wood stoves were used to heat the place.

On Jan. 26, 2012 they were filming a movie here..


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avatar of clay70
clay70 Just drove by and this place is now gone too..They filmed movie and tore it down..or burnt it down? hmmm
Feb 10 2012
avatar of clay70
clay70 It is a long quote from the New Testament about being saved..These folks were "over the top" religious.
Jan 05 2011
avatar of syd71
syd71 Nice........just out of curiosity, what did the orange flaurecent sign say??? (yes my spelling sucks)
Dec 30 2010