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Living On The Edge

Discovered by papabear1967
Created Sep 30 2015
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Clarington, Ontario
Location # 12762

This is an old house right on the edge of the road. I have driven by this house many times and then one day noticed some items outside of the house and also saw that the truck that was there was gone.

Did some research and it was owned by Mr. Henderson who lived in the house with his wife who I do believe passed away sometime in 2014 and then Mr. Henderson in 2015.

The house is heavily damaged by water and the ceilings are coming down in most rooms.

The only room with no damage is the one with the bed in it and I do believe this is the room that Mr. Henderson lived in.

Here is an update, just drove by and the area is now plastered with housing development signs and there is a huge sign where the development is going. I do beleive this house will be torn down soon

Another update: as of Feb 19, 2016 the house has been torn down to make room for a sub division

Latlng: (43.892051, -78.65536)


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