Latlng: (43.928459, -78.666326)

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Garage Across from Camp 30

Discovered by ecfm1975
Created Oct 22 2014
Recent status Abandoned
Category Industrial
City Clarington, Ontario
Location # 11339

This is the building across the street from Camp 30. It appears to have been an auto or body shop. A lot of graffiti.

Latlng: (43.928459, -78.666326)


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unknown user avatar
Unknown User It’s been demolished :(
Jul 06 2020
avatar of electricfuneral
electricfuneral I noticed that there was many stuffed animals and a variety of children's clothing and shoes scattered about the garage. Unsure as to why, but it seems as though a child had been staying here for quite some time.
Jul 10 2016
avatar of Storytrail
Storytrail Should this be a separate location?...
Oct 22 2014