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Camp 30 Bowmanville
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Camp 30 Bowmanville - Prisoner Of Time

Album uploaded by ishootthings

Military in Clarington, Ontario

Abandoned location discovered by timo explorer on Apr 10 2009

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_52029jF.jpg
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Main room2.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5203vCA.jpg
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Main room3. To the far end and left was the hall where I took the one I said was ma fav.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5204Llh.jpg
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Washroom stalls.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_52068NX.jpg
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Eyes. Me likey. And OMG A BATHTUB! I didnt even go over there. May be a shower stall too.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_52076PT.jpg
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Really all thats left. And too high ISO again. I often forget to change that.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_52087FG.jpg
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Fire damage. It was all over.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5210V5c.jpg
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Ive seen this fuckin tag before. Not many I knew but this I seen before.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5211RVb.jpg
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Down the stairway at the far side.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5212etC.jpg
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Moar smash-ed walls.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5213wIF.jpg
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At least some are left but they could always be exterior too. HA.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5217685.jpg
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Main room4. Loving the reflections. Wasnt loving the water.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5218hBc.jpg
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A bathroom from the area where I first came up the stairs.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5222enU.jpg
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Close up of the reservoir I think. Older than most or just totally different design.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5223Gmm.jpg
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The doors from the stairs I came in thru. Love the original doors. And the shades of the bricks down here too.