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Camp 30 Bowmanville
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Camp 30 Bowmanville - Prisoner Of Time

Album uploaded by ishootthings

Military in Clarington, Ontario

Abandoned location discovered by timo explorer on Apr 10 2009

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5183oUA.jpg
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Another room. Wall on the lower left kicked out by some savages.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_51843NQ.jpg
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This place was totaled. Maybe the other buildings are too. Being as fresh boards ALL OVER ALL BUILDINGS, I feel there could have been a fire as there have been many before.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5185gP7.jpg
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Light was coming in here. So you could get/fall in REAL easily. But were it not open, how you gonna get out?

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5186IWm.jpg
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Demo'd. You can see clean thru to the far wall 2 or so rooms past.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5187Eop.jpg
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The moast interesting room maybe. It actually had some kind of finish. The large main room was OK too.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_51899Jl.jpg
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Fire damage and former walls.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_51919I3.jpg
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I figured there was a second floor. MISLEADING.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5192Yp3.jpg
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Oh god. Such high ISO. Prolly like 1600 or 3200.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_51934sd.jpg
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I bet it used to be wicked. Gotta check some older galleries.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5194vTK.jpg
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That blue line. Its not straight. WTF?

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5196Rdc.jpg
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Main room.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5197ruc.jpg
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Another side room. It was like a tonne of rooms then the main one and then moar rooms.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_51994hR.jpg
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They secured this like the second most hardcore I seen.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5200hcE.jpg
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Old boards.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5201ncF.jpg
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Proper room. Moast had no closet.